About me


How it began

I’m Kevin Vankeirsbilck, a 26 year old teacher from Belgium.

In 2008 I bought my first camera and I started doing concert photography pretty quick. In 2014 my camera broke after shooting hardcore shows for 6 years. I haven’t bought a new camera immediatly. I missed doing photography really bad. Also people kept asking me when I was shooting again so in 2019 I bought myself second hand photography stuff and I started again in full force.

Contact me if you’re up for any kind of collaboration.

Prints are possible. Please inquire about prices and more photos of bands you like that I may not have on my website, Facebook or Instagram!

Bands I shot

Over the years I’ve shot over 400 different bands from all over the world. You can find a full list here.

I mostly shoot bands in the wide hardcore spectrum. Hardcore, youth crew, metalcore, deathcore, post hardcore, beatdown, slam, … .

Where will I take pictures?

Find my calendar here.

These are the events I’ll be attending to take pictures.
Please note that it isn’t 100% guaranteed that I will be present at the event.

Contact me if you want me to attend your event.

Social media

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